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We would like the opportunity to showcase your company and Omaha through sponsorship of the Omaha Marathon and HITS Endurance.  Sponsoring this two-day event offers your company a unique way to promote your objectives and products to a focused group of individuals, their families and friends both within Omaha and from outside of the community.  Further, it helps build an amazing event, focused on health & wellness, and showcasing the great City of Omaha.

Large-scale running events are occurring all over the United States.  From 50,000 sold out spots at the New York City Marathon to 24,000 people in April at The Memorial Marathon and Half Marathon in Oklahoma City, the “running craze” that sprouted in the 70′s and 80′s has taken yet another huge leap forward in recent years.  Nearly 500,000 people actually finished a Marathon in 2012, with at least five times that many finishing a Half Marathon.  The demographics are roughly 60% male, 40% female; with a median age of 35 for women, and 40 for men (per “Running USA 2013 Annual Marathon Report”)

In the past, almost 25% of the race participants came from outside of Nebraska and Iowa, from a multitude of other states, as well as several other countries.  With greatly increased Regional and National marketing efforts, we anticipate this number to grow.  It is conservatively estimated that the Omaha Marathon brings in $500,000 or more to the Omaha area for travel, hotels, meals and incidentals.  Large, established marathons, such as is found in Chicago bring upwards of $75,000,000. By expanding the weekend’s Health, Wellness and Fitness Expo and adding the Mile and 5K distances, we anticipate 2000 runners plus friends, families and spectators in 2020.

It’s easy to partner with the Omaha Marathon and HITS Endurance:  please contact us for more information:

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